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Crisis: Because why not!?

Well just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse tonight. It just did! Jeremy Corbyn riding on the back of a crushing defeat of Theresa Mays Brexit deal announced to parliament that he is launching what we all know he has been waiting for a vote of non-confidence in the government. With no Brexit […]

Thoughts: Break it like Brexit

Science & Technology

Thoughts: Facebook or Facecrook

Mark Zuckerberg certainly will remember 2018 and for all the wrong reasons. In 2018 Facebook was embroiled in scandal after scandal after scandal to the point that Mark Zuckerberg was summoned to Capitol Hill to answer a few questions, and yet even after all they have been investigated on, catch on and questioned on, they […]

Space: Chang’e-4 Landing


Career: When to move on?

A few years ago, while around a restaurant table at one of my university friends birthday parties I listened to one of our friends explain his rules on how to be successful in a career. He explains that he had one simple rule and that this rule had served him very well when it came […]

Travel: Bratislava