Career: When to move on?

Should I stay or should I go now?

A few years ago, while around a restaurant table at one of my university friends birthday parties I listened to one of our friends explain his rules on how to be successful in a career.

He explains that he had one simple rule and that this rule had served him very well when it came to his career, so well in fact that he had just been recently headhunted for a new job with a much larger salary in a different organisation.

His rule was this; if you are still in the same position at the same employer after 3 years, and that employer either doesn’t offer you a better position or doesn’t offer you a clear pathway in that career, leave them post haste.

The reasoning beyond this rule was quite simple if you aren’t getting joy with your current employer find a new one that you can. Why would you think that things will ever change if they haven’t done so after 3 years? And if your leaving prompts them to suddenly re-evaluate your role within the organisation, doesn’t that imply that they weren’t even paying attention to you in the first place or deliberately keeping you back? Neither of which sounds like a particularly good reason to stay.

So if you are one of those people who is sitting in a job somewhere wondering if and when you should move on, think about what my friend said and ask yourself a few simple questions and then follow my friend’s advice.

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