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Crisis: Because why not!?

Petrol, bonfire, what could go wrong?

Well just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse tonight.

It just did!

Jeremy Corbyn riding on the back of a crushing defeat of Theresa Mays Brexit deal announced to parliament that he is launching what we all know he has been waiting for a vote of non-confidence in the government.

With no Brexit deal in play, with the sitting government humiliated and in ruin, with EU sitting back and thinking to themselves what a mess. It is hard to understand what possible positive result this motion against the sitting government could have.

Theresa May has agreed in advance to allow the motion to be debated as early as tomorrow in hopes that she can defeat any attempt to oust her from power. Problem is if the motion passes, we could be effectively looking at the restart of the whole negotiation of Brexit all over again.

And that’s something no one in there right mind wants to happen. So why complicate an already complicated and divisive issue?

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