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Development: Unity 3D 2018.3

One game engine & IDE to rule them all

For a long time, I developed my games directly for the internet using code written in either Javascript or PHP. It wasn’t until I started getting interested in developing games suitable for mobile devices that I even considered using a IDE or a pre-built gaming engine.

That all changed when I happened upon Unity 3D.

Unity 3D is more than just a Integrated Development Environment it is also pre-loaded with almost everything a budding game developer might ever need for developing a game, the libraries and the quick and easy to understand UI allows for the rapid development of simple to complicated games. On top of all of this, the IDE also offers exporting options to other platforms, so a project developed for Windows can be potentially ported to work directly on an Android device and all with very little effort from you.

After watching a couple of short YouTube tutorials on how the whole thing worked, I myself was able to throw together a quick platformer demonstrator game using the built in 2D game engine within a matter of an hour or two. A following perlin noise wave demonstrator built using custom C# code in the 3D game engine was done in pretty much the same amount of time.

The ease of use and the flexibility to throw together content, code and assets (which can be purchased or even downloaded from the Unity 3D store for free) allows for quick visualisation of what it is you are trying to achieve.

If you haven’t tried yet, Unity 3D 2018.3 is currently free to all home users as long as you are not looking to make much money out of your creations. Even if you happen to publish a product that sells well, the cost of licencing Unity 3D is surprisingly cheap.

You can find the latest version of Unity 3D at:

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