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Review: Onward

VR for when reality is too hard!

What can I say about Onward?

I can say this, its BRILLIANT! If you can a Occulus Rift or HTC Vive at home and you do not own a copy of Onward. Then there is something seriously wrong with you.

Since getting my VR headset, an Occulus Rift, I have played a number of so-called VR gems. While some of them are quite good it wasn’t till I purchased and played Onward that I truly get a real, excuse the pun, virtual reality experience. Onward is so immersive that I have convinced players ingame that they were in real danger and listened as they run into walls in the real world, all to my great amusement.

Onward is an FPS virtual reality game that pitches you in close quarters battle against AI bots or other players in a reasonably sized map. These maps come in several varieties and all offer new and unique experiences. While some are merely the same map at a different time of day, they all do offer something different.

The weapons and physics ingame are just crazy, ever heard an enemy coming from around the corner and wanted to stick your gun arm round and shoot them in the face? While in Onward you can do that and so much more. Many-a-battles I have had dodging incoming first by crouching behind hard cover and popping my gun over the top to return fire. All of which is only possible due to the amazing tracking of your character ingame. So detailed is the tracking and range of motion that you can run, jump, kneel, crouch and prone all while pointing your arms in any number of directions and operating devices. Want to pistol and knife it like Solid Snake, yeah you can do that too.

Handling and control ingame can be a challenge with some of the larger support weapons especially the belt-fed light machine guns. But once you master the loading and unloading process you will be ripping your enemy to bits in seconds.

The game really shines when played with other players, the amusing conversations, if not sometimes childish, make the game a blast. And pranking ingame is also a must. Starting a round and pretending you’re a newbie and watching the horror of your teammates when you drop a live grenade (with the pin in) is priceless. This created one of my funniest moments when a guy also new to the game panicked and run in real life into a wall. My squad and I howled with laughter as the player cursed us to hell.

Onward is found very cheap on Steam and other providers and if you get a chance, its a game really worth getting.

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