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Space: Chang’e-4 Landing

China’s Space Race

On the 3rd of January 2019 at approximately 02:26 GMT, China made history as only one of a very few nations to make a successful trip to the moon. But unlike previous trips, this one was particular special, this time China wanted to stay.

This didn’t mark the first time China had decided to stick around for a while on the moon however, the first such extended visit was a landing of a Chinese probe the Chang’e 3 back in 2014. However this time things was quite a bit different.

It was at the fore mentioned time that China’s National Space Administration landed their first ever probe on the far side of the moon, what some people have dubbed the dark side, something no other nation had even attempted let a lone succeeded. The landing resulted in the successful delivery of the nations second rover to the lunar surface, a moment of great pride the People’s Republic of China.

Shortly after the landing the rover came a live and started to send home vivid imagery of the desolate landscape from the dark side of the moon. The Chinese space programme the CNSA (China National Space Administration) had chosen this location for a number of reasons. The objective of the lunar mission was to conduct valuable scientific mineral and biological analysis, exploration as well as conducting experiments in potentially growing plants on the moon.

Overall this has been an outstanding achievement for China and its growing space programme, with plans to follow up Chang’e 4 with the Chang’e 5 and 6 missions to retrieve samples from the lunar surface, we can all watch eagerly for the future successes of these missions and see what plans China has next for the moon.

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