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Thoughts: Blogging vs Microblogging

To blog or to microblog?

So what’s the trend right now?

Are we blogging or are we microblogging? What the hell’s the difference?

These are some of the questions I have found myself asking recently with the release of my new website. Writing a lengthy piece on pretty much anything can take a lot of time, in fact just writing my last article took over an hour and it is just a wall of text… Something I am aware is somewhat off putting to a majority of people to read. Then obviously there is all the time you spend grammar and spell checking work you publish, that takes time too.

So is there a better way? Is reducing your content down to the bare bones and microblogging a better approach to blogging, is it as simple as less is more? Maybe, maybe, it certainly helps streamline your writing, no more lengthy pieces, just juicy details in a paragraph or two. Is that too long? I’m not sure! Looking into it social media platforms like twitter are being considered as microblogger platform, I thought it was just there for Donald J Trump to troll the world, shows what I know. But with a limit of only 240 characters is that too short?

Wow this is all getting a bit too confusing!

Maybe it’s my age starting to show, or maybe it is because anything goes nowadays as long as you find the platform and the time to write something. I mean isn’t that the important part, writing something someone else might want to read? Maybe it’s about the content, thinking on it, we know a lot of a blogging audience will not likely read the entirely of a blog but only the interesting parts, then perhaps that’s the approach we should use, focus on the important parts and write about just that!

There is a technique used in the British Army for relying essential informative between members in a communication chain, it’s called
brevity. It relies on the idea that the person you are communicating with only need the exact minimal amount of information you can possibly give them without any of the niceties that are normally attracted, no “Hello, how are for today? My name is Dave and ….”, what you need is to know is who, what and where. This is a very good technique for shorting of information for communication, but it also removes an important aspect to that communication. The context…

Context is often overlooked when relying information and when microblogging I can see context and explanations around subjects being sacrificed for the sake of shortness. Remember that time you sent a sarcastic text and that other people missed the sarcasm? That’s most likely because the context wasn’t included. Sarcasm relies on context to emphasise the irony. Without context sarcasm just ends up sounding like an insult or an uncaring comment.

I think for my blog I will be probably try a more brevity inspired solution, keeping the blog short and to the point while not sacrificing the context for shortness of length. Let us see how that works out.

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