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Thoughts: Break it like Brexit

After two and half years of negotiating, you would have been forgiven for thinking we would have had a deal that someone would have wanted by now, but as of today, 15th January 2019, the UK parliament made its thoughts on Theresa May’s Brexit deal very clear.

Ayes: 202 / Noes: 432

To put it simply, she lost, and not be any small amount either. By a stupid amount. In fact, so badly did the bill get voted down in parliament that it entered the record books for the largest single defeat in parliament ever.

At least now Theresa May has her name in the history books… Just not for any of the right reasons.

So where do we go from here… well, according to Theresa May, it is now time to talk to others to see what opinions they have on the matter of Brexit. It’s just a shame she couldn’t have done that back when she was at Checkers, when literately everyone in the room was telling her to chuck it as parliament would never approve it. Or after she got back with the backstop deal which alarmed so many of her own party that several of her cabinet quit in response.

Something tells me, this time is going to be no different.

Let’s keep our eyes open, this is already the best political drama in town and with Donald Trump still around, that’s saying something.

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