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Thoughts: Facebook or Facecrook

How long will it last?

Mark Zuckerberg certainly will remember 2018 and for all the wrong reasons.

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In 2018 Facebook was embroiled in scandal after scandal after scandal to the point that Mark Zuckerberg was summoned to Capitol Hill to answer a few questions, and yet even after all they have been investigated on, catch on and questioned on, they still don’t seem to give a damn and have suffered no real consequences.

Even as we enter 2019 Facebook has been accused again on the mishandling of user data and lying to their customers and the public. So why are they still doing these things and getting away with it?

It really comes down to one simple aspect, money, Facebook generates a huge amount of revenue which in turn generates taxes which in turn keeps governments happy and off their back.

Even after Facebook was caught hiring a PR firm to slam George Soros, not one country or government have done anything about it. It appears that for now, Facebook is above the law, at least the law as it applies to us mere mortals.

But give it time and eventually, Facebook might find if enough accusations are thrown its way, something might very well stick.

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