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Thoughts: When is it alright to call someone stupid?

Stupid woman

So we have had Christmas, New Years and now for most of us it is back to work. However for some, they might be wishing they have extended their winter break for a few extra days or weeks.

Just as parliament finished for the Christmas holidays, the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn (Labour MP) got himself into a bit of a bind during one of his many exchanges with the current Prime Minister and leader of the Conservatives Theresa May (Conservative MP). After accusing her of failing to hold a meaningful vote of the current deal that has been negotiated by both the UK government and representatives of the EU, Jeremy Corbyn sat down to allow the PM to respond, in the moments that followed the PM belittled her opposite accusing him of a number of things including failing to properly challenge the PM with his failed attempt at forcing a vote of non-confidence against her.

However it was not this exchange that caught the attention of the media or the public but was in fact the silenced words Jeremy Corbyn was seen muttering in response under his breathe, “stupid woman”. Almost immediately Jeremy Corbyn was accused of being sexist and disrespectful towards the female PM.

So the question is, when it is OK to call someone stupid? And does bringing their gender into that statement make it necessarily a negative statement towards all peoples of that gender or just against a specific person for maybe a particular reason? An even more interesting question would be if the words had been “Stupid Man” and muttered about Boris Johnson or dare I say, Donald J Trump, would anyone have even cared?

It might occur to some people that Jeremy Corbyn was merely saying under his breathe what most of the public and dare we say some of her own party are thinking. Unfortunately for Theresa May she hasn’t exactly been very open or honest about her Brexit strategy or the meetings she has been having behind her own negotiating teams back in Brussels. Even when she was might to present her agreed deal with the EU to parliament to vote on it, she chickened out at the very last moment and ran off again to see the EU. Even when she presented her infamous Chequers plan back in the Summer of 2018 she was accused then of being out of touch with reality and not knowing what the British people voted for the 2016 referendum.

So it is any surprise that after all the mismanagement, the wasting of time, the failing to understand what people really want from Brexit that one of her colleagues even on the opposition might finally say what everyone else in the room is thinking..?

“Stupid Woman”, personally I am just surprised it took so long…

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